Why become a monthly client?

  1. We monitor all of your permits and registrations and renew them for you!
    • IRP Renewals
    • IFTA stickers
    • Fuel Taxes
    • UCR
    • 2290
    • Blanket Permits
  2. You receive a discounted service fee for paying a low cost flat monthly rate
  3. We will remind you that something is about to renew and then handle the rest.
  4. You can relax knowing that everything is current and up to date. We’ve got you covered.

mtn_truckingDSI Permits has the most convenient way for you to outsource all your permit needs. As a Monthly Client, you will enjoy the freedom of never worrying about an expiration date again. Once joining our program, we will begin to track all of your permits and registrations.

For a monthly fee, we will track all of your permits, and prepare all necessary paperwork a full 30 days before expiration. You will be contacted by one of our agents with only the amount that is due to the State Agency for the required permit. This will allow you to plan the expense in advance and the permit will be delivered before it is expired.

If you purchase a new truck, we will transfer the tag from the old unit to the new unit with no additional service fees. Need another IFTA sticker? Just give us a call, it’s included as well. Trip Permits, new blanket permit, your IFTA Audit, there all covered too!

If we provide the service, no matter what it is, your Monthly Client status will always cover the service fees associated with each order.

By joining our program we will also discount your overall yearly permit expense. By allowing us to handle all of your permit needs, we offer this Monthly Service at a price that is lower than the overall a-la-carte version. Because we know you have placed your complete faith in DSI Permits, we return the favor at a cost savings to you!

We cover all of the following and more!

  • IRP Tag expiration dates
  • Fuel Tax reporting
  • Blanket permits
  • Annual report filings
  • NY HUT renewals
  • IFTA renewals
  • DOT updates
  • 2290 filings
  • UCR registration
  • NM Highway permit renewals
  • and much more!

Call DSI Permits today and become a Monthly Client and relieve yourself of the extra stress of wondering, “Did I renew that permit?”