IFTA Fuel Taxes – The one phrase in the industry that you hate to hear, hate to say, and hate to deal with. That’s where we come in. We can make your IFTA tracking and filing process as easy as booking your next load.

You could call any of the ten thousand companies out there that claim to provide this service to the trucking industry. They can get your paperwork and file a form to the various states on a quarterly basis. You can continue to drive down the road with no worries of being stopped. But what happens when the DMV sends you “The” letter – – “You Are Being Audited, Please Send Us Your Paperwork.” Does their service end there? With DSI Permits, we will be there with you every step of the way!

We use a simple formula that has been molded and changed over the years as our experience in DMV IFTA audits increases. We don’t just take in your paperwork and call you for payment. We actually review your paperwork, analyze it for compliance, and correct any errors BEFORE the DMV gets it. We help you understand why IFTA was created, and what you actually need when the dreaded audit comes.

DSI Permits stand by our work in front of you, not behind you. We set your company up for success so when that day comes, it’s as easy as filing the last quarterly return. You just call us and DSI Permits takes over. As long you have followed our advice and used our method of tracking and reporting the taxes, you will pass with little or no money due at all.

We could keep on going about how good we are, but at this point you just need to call us so we can show you why DSI Permits is the #1 trusted source in IFTA fuel taxes.

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