The IRP and IFTA registration process can be very stressful and time consuming.  DSI Permits is in business today because Trucking Companies appreciate how easy we make this process.  Our staff knows the rules and regulations and will make sure that your registration is delivered on time!

The International Registration Plan (IRP) or ‘apportioned’ licensed plates were designed by a national organization to spread the cost of truck registrations across the states in which that company operates. This process of spreading the tax dollars through many states has created a time consuming and document-intensive registration process

With more and more paperwork required each year, this can be a daunting task for any business. Time is money, so why should you spend your valuable time doing this process yourself? Our knowledgeable, experienced staff will prepare all the necessary paperwork, submit it to the State Agency, and then mail your tag where you need it; you can trust that we will deliver your tag to the desired location on time! During this process we will also file any other paperwork that you need completed to obtain this registration.

But we don’t stop there, we can help you save money here as well. Our staff will consult with you on your business and growth plans. We will review the states you need to operate in and discuss your options with you. Why spend the money to just “Get All 48”, when you don’t actually go to all 48 states?

Proven Success – Saving you Money

Over the years, our customers have saved thousands of dollars while implementing the programs we developed for them. For example, did you know that if you make 1 run each year off your regular route, you could save money by purchasing trip permits for that run? You still get to go, but you can do it for less. Because we understand the minutiae of the IRP billing process, our customers benefit and save money on their next tag renewal as a result, plain and simple.

Get Legal – Get on the Road

Once you have your IRP established, you will also need an IFTA sticker to cover the fuel reporting aspect of this tax sharing regulation. Along with your IRP tag, we will send you the IFTA sticker, and any other permits needed to keep your truck legal on the highways. From the 2290 filing to the DOT update (MCS-150), DSI Permits is able to handle all your permitting needs.

When the time comes for that Temporary Trip or Fuel Permit, we will take care of all the details – on time to ensure that you are always ready to enter the next state, permitted and legal! Once you have the IFTA sticker, the quarterly IFTA filing will be required as well.

Contact us today to get started on our program!